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Crossbow bo guide customers customized suitable metal badge, arts and crafts

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-31
Crossbow, teach you to choose the appropriate correct badge, tourism handicraft production process, to save time, effort and work more efficient. Mainly from the following six aspects to consider: 1, badge material choice: enamel the lacquer that bake, soft enamel, copper, copper, The recommended) , stainless iron, iron ( Low price, easy to rust, do not recommend using) Such as metal materials. 2, badges technology choice: imitation cloisonne ( Recommend, beautiful appearance, material is copper, the lacquer that bake, Beautiful, affordable, recommend, material is copper or iron) , bite version, printing, To a small and complex graphics have a gradient, can only use offset printing plate printing, but if the quantity is less, plate making cost will be high) Can add glue drops on the surface of plastic transparent protection resin ( Polly) Default badges, badge accessories, accessories for horse needle and the hook, etc. 4, badge plating surface effect choice: according to the drawings, can be gold-plated, silver, bronze, etc. , can do sanded surface, such as dumb light effect, as well as the additional layer of protection resin ( Bo li) 。 Five, badges price: badge prices largely by badge material, craft and quantity decision, if the budget, please select copper badge, please choose cheaper iron badges. 6, badges design: the more complex graphics, color, the more the more complex process, relative prices will be higher, all in the draft equipment badge of, must be clearly labeled good size, 2 d or 3 d effect in actual badge production could not be achieved. Crossbow Po process of metal badges, commemorative COINS, hope your customer hand badge crest can absolutely meet customer requirements, the crossbow bo from the choose and buy of material acquisition, to the test, into the warehouse, workshop production, technology, material production, technology, quality inspection of commissioning and packed shipments every step has carried on the strict examination, strive to not into the bad product, don't do bad product, not out of bad product, do strong domestic badge custom manufacturers. More badges custom details: http://www. ysgou。 Com or call advisory: 86 579 - 85596776 thank you.
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