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Crossbow Po process: with our 23rd China ( Shenzhen) International exhibition of gifts and household items

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-09
23rd China ( Shenzhen) International gifts and household products exhibition, will be on October 20-2015 23 in shenzhen convention and exhibition center line. The exhibition brings together the country's powerful and creative gift and exhibitors, except for years for each session will be to the outside of the industry leaders, the more powerful the exhibitors first union also makes the exhibition times add bright color. Among them, definitely not will to subordinates Taiwan Cheng Ju group - every year Crossbow tourism handicraft co. , LTD. , we will display in this exhibition. The art exhibition, crossbow technology together with its many representative products, including: metal badges, MEDALS, commemorative COINS, MEDALS, police clothing accessories, cap badge, etc. , show a crossbow Po process of many years manufacturing crafts series power. Exhibition name: 23rd China ( Shenzhen) International gifts and household items show time: October 20, 2015 solstice on October 23, the booth: 1 g62, 1 g64 address: shenzhen futian central district f three way conference and exhibition center sincerely invite you to visit China pavilion is located in no. 1 crossbow bo tourism handicraft co. , LTD. , booth, experience originality product charm. For more detailed information, please concern crossbow bo travel craft's official website: http://www. ysgou。 Com, thank you.
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