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Crystal trophy appraisal method

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-28
Crossbow bo crystal is specialized in the production of MEDALS production, the production of custom trophy, crystal trophy, welcome to customize the choose and buy! 1. See: natural crystal in the process of formation, is often affected by the environment always contains some impurities, observation of the sun, you can see the light evenly tiny horizontal stripes or catkin substance. And false crystal with defective crystal, glass melting slag, after polishing processing, coloring imitation, no catkin stripes, material. 2. Tongue licking: even in the hot summer dog days, natural crystal surface with his tongue, cold, cool feeling, too. Fake crystal,, no cool feeling. 3. Lighting: natural crystal stand in the sun, no matter from which point of view, it can let out a beautiful light. Artificial crystal is not. 4. Hardness: natural crystal hardness, gently with gravel on the accessories, don't leave a trace; If leave streaks, it is artificial crystal. 5. With polarizer check: turn 360 degrees under polarizer siming four dark change is natural crystal, no change is fake crystal. 6. With two color check: natural amethyst dichroism, fake crystal no dichroism. 7. With a magnifying glass check: with ten times the magnifying glass check in transmitted light, can find basically can be classified as false crystal of bubbles. 8. Check with a human hair: for use only a round crystal ball. The crystal ball on a human hair, double the eye through the crystal can see a human hair, for the crystal ball. Mainly because of the crystal has birefringence. But it cannot bring the natural crystal, crystal and melting crystal. Can only distinguish other material such as glass. 9. With thermal conductivity meter detection: thermal conductivity meter to adjust to green 4 g test gem, natural crystal can rise to yellow 2, and false crystal does not rise, when the area is large, a custom trophy price rise to yellow? Which good MEDALS made? Custom trophies manufacturer? Trophies and MEDALS customized services, all in a crossbow bo crystal
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