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Crystal trophy is the symbol of a noble and pure, as the first choice awards will be given to the government units and enterprises

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-17
Is the representative of the noble pure crystal trophy is common in the judicial company awarded and all the trimmings. It white, shining, smooth, but also in the above lettering, grain pattern. Crystal - the use of materials - - Clean like snow and ice. Use it as luminaries reward is very good. Application places: advertising sales promotion, the ceremony, office jianzhang, conference services, public relations, to thank customers, festival celebration, moving, associate entrance, miss art these four items,. Making production processes: raw material, laser cutting, grinding, sandblasting, carving, assembling. Production processes are: material, the material, the embryo, rough grinding, fine grinding, punching and plating, engraving, sandblasting, glue, quality inspection, packaging 1, material: obsidian general points many grade raw materials, the most appropriate is no residue, terms and bubble, is also very standard, high gloss, is glittering and translucent get rid of is appeared, successively with poor, slowly with small defects. 2, cutting: with large high-speed saw blade saw the entire material into crystal billet required shape and size. 3, pressing: to mold to produce finished product specifications and appearance, and then will add around 900 ℃ high temperature to melt raw materials, the injection of abrasive, punching. 4, fine grinding, after rough grinding, grinding with polishing powder products to pure white and flawless. 5, open hole: before the obsidian finished product unfinished, according to the specifications and part of the need to open hole, open hole to screw extrusion molding. 6, coarse polishing: will the blank direct extrusion mould ground into a fine carved lines with diamond disc. 7, sculpture, stereo sense is strong, high technology, fine workmanship, high cost. It can be divided into manual sculpture of graphics and machine carved characters. 8, plating color: electroplating technique in obsidian surface with different color, thin, the friction can scratch, scratch, because the plating color is often located in the bottom, so at the bottom plating color often choose other member variable adhesion, such as the town animal sign. 9, screen printing, obsidian surface with different pigment to solve, tonal aspects too thick, and the front can be dropped down. 10, sandblasting the surface cover crystals with special medium, then the machine with different thickness of sand on the surface of impact, form the patterns of the customer required. 11, the assembly in some crystal is a combination of several parts, here I just need to put all the parts together. This is a meticulous work, will make the whole product scrap affected by any carelessness. 12, packing: crystal trophy to clean and tidy, into the sauce to hide JinHe. This is a finished product more than just most crystal processing procedures. Some of the crystals with special processing methods, such as polygonal concave circular laser glass and other special products. Friendship remind: the above processes have a plenty of use, is not completely using attribute category: crystal trophy cup material: K3 / K9 crystal, artificial crystal crystal/glass style: geometric process: cutting, polishing, carving, sanding, printing application places: office, home, hotel/restaurant, entertainment, government agencies, shopping malls, auditorium, exhibition halls, schools, and other
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