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Custom acrylic products need to know?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-30
Many customers want to customize their right of acrylic products, so the custom acrylic products need to know? The first: style. Design is very important, it is in the mind has a structure, I need to make it so. This product is just what I need. We can accept for customization. The second: the number. Do acrylic products, quantity decision styles, quantity is more, can open mold to do, The number at least hundreds of thousands of) Mould opening, the number of words is cheaper, small, hundreds of thousands of, can choose to do by hand. Third: size. The size of the factory is my product right? Inappropriate which size to change, to how many, these will have a heart end, really don't know if you can let us advice. Fourth: the factory to the quality of the product? This product is the consumable to consider their own needs, or want to use for a long time, because of the yakeli board has the branch of casting and extrusion. Casting board relatively slightly more expensive than extrusion board, but the quality is better than extrusion. Extrusion is cheap, but quality than casting plate almost in addition to the choice of materials, the choice of cooperation factory is also very important. Fifth: now that is your own custom product, then you must need to have an own company's logo, unique. Dongguan Noble allow display products co. , LTD. , our professional to make your products more unique, quality is better. We mainly show: cosmetics skincare products display, electronic cigarettes exhibition frame, watches jewelry display props, mobile phones, electronic product display, stereo confortec rack, LED white wine red wine exhibition stand, etc.
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