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Custom badge accessories copper butterfly cap: why do you want to choose?

by:Noble Awards     2021-02-01
Butterfly cap badge is custom often use accessories, generally used with nail to stab the horse. In general a better quality of butterfly cap is red copper and brass, butterfly cap on either side of the wing flexibility is very good. The wings on both sides of the butterfly cap is the key to stab out horse nail part, not too loose clip, bad is too tight. Butterfly cap cannot blow around the hand, the top can't through. Butterfly caps are generally not plating, electroplating wings on both sides of the cause of the electroplating will harden and make the product loss of elasticity. , of course, if you want to processing, gold-plated or NieDou can, but elastic is missing. Commonly used copper butterfly cap thickness is divided into 0. 2毫米/ 0。 25毫米/ 0。 3毫米; The iron butterfly cap thickness of 0. 25mm。 At present are generally use 0 crossbow, arts and crafts. 3 mm copper butterfly cap, 0. 3 mm is the use of commonly used butterfly cap. With 0. 3 mm butterfly crown of difficult throughout, with 0. 2 mm light touch it to wear, and the texture is very light, 0. 25 mm is 0. 2 mm is better, but also throughout. Some manufacturers use a thin butterfly cap, reason is that the price is low, change the thickness can reduce the cost, but the drop in quality. The iron butterfly cap thickness of 0. 25 mm, it is hard enough, throughout is no problem. But because iron is hard, but bad to use, and iron butterfly cap need to electroplating. Because of hard enough, electroplate also cannot too thick, plating is too thick will make two side wings butterfly cap without flexibility, another problem is that the iron butterfly cap will rust.
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