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Custom badge hard instead of looking for a supplier?

by:Noble Awards     2021-02-01
Custom badge is difficult not to look for suppliers, but the badge design drawings and badge scheme. Badges in making easy to overlook what is? 1, badge position is not clear from the beginning, many users, don't know your company is need custom-made commemorative badges or only need to wear a suit collar badge on the kind of suit, suits XiongHui. This is a key problem, because of commemorative badges commemoration, and there are many kinds of different production process and requirements, and the the badge on the suit collar before the bosom is requirements & other; Fine, fine, high and strong, & throughout; And on the craft is exquisite. Badges positioning high-end or the general public are also should consider a problem. 2, the size of the badge is not precisely why said badge size is not accurate? Badge that is because most customers don't understand this kind of product form and wear style, in fact the main is badge no matter where I wear, no matter in what kind of occasions to use, it must not be separated from the company. Because of the specifications of the the size of the badge, badges, badge size can not meet the precision, too big is very ugly, it regards, is a little small, what all don't. 3, badge number inaccurate badge number is not accurate, don't know what to order the number of badges, badge also cannot fundamentally effective control of production cost quotation, the price of the badges, badges, also on badge on badge purchasing price will not be able to have the absolute advantage. Here because the production costs of the emblem & ndash; — Completely determined by the number of pricing power. The more the cheaper, on the contrary, the quantity is less, the badge making prices higher. Crossbow Po handicraft after receiving search mementoes to clinch a deal is often badges, hope that through this article can let everybody have a clear understanding! Also welcome new and old customers call advisory! 86 - 579 - 85596776
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