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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-22
Introduction to the Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Center: The only 'Intelligent Connected Vehicle Innovation Center' in the province, which is composed of Asia-Pacific Mechanical and Electrical Group Co., Ltd., Zhejiang University Innovation and Entrepreneurship Research Institute, Zhejiang New Gonow Holding Group Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Rongda Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Qilingling Industrial Internet Co., Ltd., Hangzhou Youhai Information System Co., Ltd., and Hangzhou Huandao Technology Co., Ltd. jointly initiated and will build the key commonality of 'the province's only, domestically leading, and internationally first-class' intelligent networked vehicle Technology Ru0026D center and industrialized service platform lead the development of Zhejiang's intelligent networked automobile industry. Smart Connected Automobile Innovation Center Badge: Badge customized manufacturer: Nubo Culture Development Co., Ltd Badge customized size: 30 * 30 * 2 mm Badge customized process: zinc alloy die-casting + paint process + electroplating process Feature: the badge is made of zinc alloy die-casting After a series of process steps such as brewing, frustrating, grinding, polishing, etc., the badge is made finely, and then electroplating is performed. The fonts such as the earth, lines, and company name in the middle are plated with bright silver, and the back is made of sand dots. The unevenness of the badges can improve the texture and feel of the product. The accessory uses a hat magnet to replace the traditional piercing needle, which is also very suitable for modern safe use habits, which greatly enhances the corporate image of the Intelligent Networked Automobile Innovation Center.
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