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Custom games MEDALS don't understand the consequences of that maintain why so serious?

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-26
Games MEDALS are not pure gold, silver or pure copper, usually is gold-plated, silver plating and copper plating. Games medal represents a kind of honor, so generally games MEDALS custom material not too bad, the crossbow bo craft games MEDALS are using real gold plating, enamel, ancient silver plating, copper plating, zinc alloy, time is also the fake enamel, so each customer come to our company custom games MEDALS are very comfortable and satisfied. Today is a custom-made MEDALS we mainly daily maintenance problems: first, should not touch. Often touch, MEDALS will leave HanJi and other material surface, easy to cause oxidation. Take your MEDALS should wear gloves, clean soft cloth or use tweezers to clip a medal. Second, unfavorable put medal for a long time in the air does not flow. Otherwise, under the humid weather, water on the surface of the MEDALS is hard to play, prone to oxidation. Three, avoid contact with wet or harmful gas pollution, the south's rainy season, the hot weather, the foul environment, such as kitchen, etc. , are easy to form corrosion. Four, can use the sheath will MEDALS individually packed seal, and then put it in the iron in the biscuit tin and cover, inside put a desiccant. Five, the MEDALS should be single packing ( Blank bags or 0 pp since the sticky tape, also can choose high-grade packaging) , save alone. Six, for oxidation of MEDALS, cloth can be added a small amount of toothpaste, gently scrub, after removing the oxide layer, had collected in the sealed container. More products please visit: http://www. ysgou。 com
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