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Custom puzzle emblem, select the crossbow, is to choose peace of mind!

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-30
In the badge production, many products are single for a theme, but also some more special, is one of two or more than two badges, also has is composed of a set of multiple badges, and Mosaic pattern, such badges called jigsaw puzzle badges. Puzzle badge is a few badges can be reassembled into a badge, like puzzle pieces, including Coca-Cola, imitation enamel badges are some representative badge product, this product USES copper pressure imitation enamel coloring craft, imitation enamel surface and then to screen printing, and then a few products together with a bottle shape, production of such products is important to note that the edge of the product shape have to be very rules, otherwise, spelling a pattern is synthesised, a large gap, thus affecting the whole product is beautiful. Puzzle badge on the market use or less, not because there is no demand, but because a lot of badge mould factory don't have the power to produce, because puzzle badge belongs to combination products, the two is not very high demand at the same time, production and processing products, puzzle interface, the two pieces of puzzle can't combination, interface small will cause the jigsaw puzzle together again, so puzzle badge order very test factory technical content. Puzzles badge custom, customized creative badges, badge, production choose crossbow, handicraft, is to choose peace of mind!
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