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Custom school badge material choose it right!

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-31
Crest as the embodiment of the school soul minds, how will the school soul thought, educational philosophy and deeply engraved in each student's heart, this is what we as a crest production manufacturer should be thinking about a problem. Crest object according to the different can be divided into: primary school crest, secondary school crest, university crest. Crest as the embodiment of the school soul minds, making school crest material cannot be sent, general bespoke crest made of pure gold, silver, copper and gold plated silver. School crest can be made of pure gold, silver, gold-plated, silver, copper, stainless steel, gold, silver, it's too expensive, relatively, silver plated with copper or copper compared commonly, red is the color is the top into the process of color, after repeated burn becomes. Suitable for army, school, state organs, units and special artistic mark, collection significance of badges, MEDALS. Can be preserved for a long time does not fade. Crossbow, arts and crafts can be made according to the needs of schools for the expensive unit crest, provide crest craft materials. After many years of hard work we are very honored to see many schools across the country to wear is my factory production of the crest, feel very gratified. Our service is the hope of the motherland in the future, we hope that this group of the motherland's successor to study hard, make the motherland created the world in the 21st century glory. More about crest custom, custom MEDALS, badges made new knowledge please visit: http://www. ysgou。 com
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