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Custom wedding MEDALS, records you my sweet moment!

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-25
Marriage is the happiest thing, in order to commemorate this exciting moment, a lot of people will choose photos, video, and wedding MEDALS also is very good choice. Wedding is unique in the history can be traced back to the king Edward vii, reveal the royal status of privilege and the royal wedding celebration of luxury and dignity. In fashion, personality, taste of today's society, the wedding is unique in the emergence of increasing appearance add color for wedding events. A small wedding mementoes, witnessing the divine love, between heart under the romantic and fashion the perfect combination of, the most memorable moments in life become eternal. Wedding badge MEDALS belong to the individual character design series, can put the two sweet wedding photo badge printed on the surface, also can put the photos of the wedding day into mementoes, generally USES the former majority. According to the wedding customs, the couple married before inviting friends and relatives to the wedding, can be in each attached a wedding invitation card badge, embodies the new personality on life grade is decorous, also expressed their relatives and friends of gratitude. Wait until the day of the wedding, the wedding participants egg on his chest don't wedding badge, decorated wedding activities more elegance and fashion. Even if is not to attend the wedding, also can feel the thick atmosphere of the wedding. Wedding badge production of the original image quality is higher, generally to 300 pixels per inch, the size is 300 - 500 KB of photograph, poor image quality will directly lead to the printing effect. Wedding mostly tinplate badge material, the product price is low, beautiful, fashionable and generous, images can be printed gradients, in front of the bottom of the plastic and iron bottom two options, accessories are generally pin. Better version can be used to bite and emblem of the lacquer that bake process, can be printed on the back of the wedding as time, place, etc. Wedding commemorative medallion is made in line with the modern pursuit of novelty, individuality and creativity, the combination of well collect the happy moments of dribs and drabs, more and more get people's love.
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