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Customized badges, crossbow Po process to listen to!

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-12
War victory day one working day after the three day small long vacation, email tip has a new E-mail, open on see, is shenzhen XX trade company of a batch with new order, the customer is one of the old customers, we have been in service since 2011 has been in our customized various epaulette badges, key chain and some memorable products, today, we can cooperate in some story: the customer give me deep impression is often under urgent orders, how urgent is it? ! Is often will be available within 10 days of placing your order today, want to know the custom badge handicraft industry, every product is a reproduction to place an order ( Including prophase worked the same product) , there is no spot, time can't meet the requirements of customers. Regardless of order size, 10 - typically require 15 days production period. In this case, I got puzzled. Production line to meet the needs of customers have to arrange production scheduling, and such a large number of all design size and some details to confirm. Will clients there's room for manoeuvre, and dialed the telephone of purchasing directly, but before I speak, procurement eager shows: because the customer factory is new to a waiting to rush order with our epaulettes configuration, is completely unplanned so would so nasty, really need special help her once in a while, late interior need 12 days to the factory. In this case, whether it's an emergency demand or purchase order or leakage, in all 12 days delivery is beyond doubt. Almost immediately, the itu factory can confirm whether the urgent production, should be in time, after a lot of communication and coordination with the factories, the production manager is also a spell, the customer is god, it is urgent to start the cargo. Until today, police badges orders have completed more than a third, as planned delivery is no problem. Because my heart bottom, I to purchase after a information, is expected to September 17th morning delivery to the factory. It was really a race and time ah, the mood very relaxed and comfortable. I know the supplier cooperate with procurement of what is important, not a very low price, because of parallel with low price is often a lot of winding of quality problem and the lack of service service; Not good quality, because good does not represent is matched with yourself; Only & throughout; Worry & other; , including delivery accuracy high, stable quality, high compliance (delivery Especially in responding to urgent unilateral response) 。 We believe that the creation and control of their information, is people's basic rights. Crossbow Po connection so resources to help customers create and control their costs, delivery more rich, elegant and reliable customized badges, anniversary of the medal, commemorative COINS, production experience, no matter when, where, how, beloved integrity enterprises, integrity respected. Crossbow, everyone is full of hope, a work a harvest. Website badge custom information: http://www. ysgou。 Com call: 86 579 - 85596776 thank you.
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