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, director of the crossbow, integrating the advantages and badge more exquisite craftsmanship

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-01
Ten years ago, from can't imagine, across thousands of miles away, life had never can strike a bargain. But since the emergence of the network world is infinite in an instant, a customer can never go out from shandong rizhao, only through the Internet, can be customized to contentment badge handicraft, first time cooperation, customer very pleased with the quality of the product, give a high evaluation and affirmation! Even if you far in all over the country, even if your job is busy, product demand urgent, everything is not a problem. Crossbow, the emergence of tourist handicraft is your good choice: custom MEDALS, badges, sports association anniversary commemorative COINS, and looking for us! Custom club badge product, because it is a kind of cultural inheritance and the representative and symbol of a thing is, for the badge must be good quality! But it happened that there are a lot of customers to purchase covet is cheap and non-conforming products, because the pursuit of low prices, because take any chances. Crossbow Po process to remind you to give to you, only to choose reliable badge custom manufacturer, will buy badges custom products reliable crossbow. Good product, with quality, crossbow bo badge customize your trustworthy. Technology transfer: established crossbow, 31 years, technology originated in Taiwan. Early founders are down-to-earth starts from an apprentice, one step at a time, the real products do delicate, customer satisfaction. Crossbow bo now has a perfect management and mature team, exquisite technology and good service. In 31 international trade and domestic market development and customer continuously exchanges and learning, integrating the advantages, director of technology more exquisite. The company each product all pass strict inspection before shipment, control the defective rate within two point five percent. Normal mapping provide within 24 hours; Ordinary samples provided 7 days, regular order 15 days delivery. Process integration: crossbows bo have highly integrated production process, from design - Moulding - Pressing - Polishing - Electroplating - The color & ndash; Packing and so on all alone by the factory. Have their own separate group embroidered ribbon factory, can provide one-stop custom needs of customers in purchasing, such as embroidery part epaulettes, cap badge, ribbon, such as hanging belt and so on, welcome you to map incoming sample custom. In this paper, by the crossbow bo small piece of original information, reprint please indicate the source: http://www. ysgou。 Com, a series of games made badges, MEDALS, MEDALS custom hotline: 86 - 579 - 85596776 thank you.
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