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Does Noble Awards have forwarder?
Yes. Noble Awards Co.,ltd has used some experienced commercial freight forwarders to be our logistics partners. They have a good command of the shipping companies, the documentation, and the customs laws of various countries. They can help with the correct filing of export documentation, all arrangements with carriers, packing, crating and storage needs. This means the good freight forwarding service delivered by them can save both us and our customers untold time and potential headaches while providing reliable transportation of products at competitive rates.

Noble Awards. focuses on the field of lapel pins, and develops high-performance custom metal lapel pins. The gold medal series is one of the main products of Noble Awards. With the comprehensive process visualization across all production stages, the product is guaranteed to be zero-defect. Sand carving, laser engraving, and mechanical engraving are available on this product. Featuring maintenance-free, the product does not require users to climb up and down the ladders to replace the bulbs. Therefore, accidents such as falling down from the ladders or electric shock can be avoided. The methods used to create it varies by design and material. It may be using lasers, waterjets, or machine tools.

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