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Domestic organic glass plate and imported organic glass plate difference in where

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-01
Acrylic ( ACRYLIC) Commonly known as organic glass, is a by-product of oil, organic glass in China are divided into three categories: a, import plate; Second, the Taiwanese board; Three, domestic board. They differ in that the origin of raw materials and adopted by the ( MMA) Purity. This is the most key determines the quality of sheet and price. Imported organic glass & ndash; — Japan's mitsubishi [ Former British lucite ( LUCITE) Japan's mitsubishi company bought by] , Germany degussa ( DEGUSSA) And bayer ( 拜耳公司) The three brands. Its produce organic glass plate is made of continuous casting of legal system, can achieve very good accuracy, so 12 mm thickness also can achieve the production of precision & plusmn; 0. 1 mm, can be applied to the LCD light guide, strict in size difference between the IT field, because of its superior thickness accuracy, can realize signature color uniformity, stability of hot forming. It also has a good pervious to light quality, processability and lighter weight, on the basis of, or a plate that is not easy to cut the acrylic resin. Degussa of quality guarantee 35 years in the same yellow, 15 years do not fade. Full compliance with the eu ROHS standards, through the ISO 9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environment system certification. But its price is very expensive, finished expensive only commonly used in high-end enterprise identification system. Joint venture of organic glass ( Another import sheet) — — Refers to the UK lucite ( MMA) Made of pure raw materials with Taiwan technology, process sheet. While production plate mold made mostly in the UK and Germany. More common on the market are: temporal, 'beauty brands such as; Some brands such as tomson, gen, green brands such as sichuan, known as Taiwan plate. This kind of process to produce acrylic plate, its colour and lustre is uniform, with no water mark, the thickness of the wave error is small, high light transmittance, pure and transparent, without impurities, and the price also is moderate, the broad masses of the favour, penetration is widely. Domestic organic glass & ndash; — Refers to the raw materials used in the production sheet is a kind of domestic, the other is a recycling of various organic glass plate ( PMMA) The secondary processing. The obvious disadvantage is that surface water mark, its thickness unevenness, easy yellowing, not suitable for vacuum forming, very suitable for sculpture. Advantage is low price.
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