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by:Noble Awards     2020-07-08
The acrylic display utilization rate is very high, we are in the process of daily use, always inevitable, a lot of friends at the time of purchase acrylic display will ask acrylic have is easy to break this problem, the Noble allow manufacturer of acrylic display and everybody simple introduction. Acrylic is a special kind of glass, but the acrylic is not easy to break, if acrylic display in the impact of too much, can lead to an acrylic display fracture, fracture place with acrylic glue paste, mark is not obvious, generally to restore the original appearance, this is also one of the advantages of acrylic display. Reason: acrylic molecular chain segments are arranged very order, make the material toughness is very good, with metal penetration yakeli board, can make the acrylic fracture, also won't like the glass broken to pieces, so the acrylic display also called organic glass display rack, because acrylic pervious to light performance is good, looks like glass, although acrylic high hardness, not easy to break, but easy to be scratched, pay special attention to when using. Believe that now everyone knows acrylic display is not easy to break, but even so, we also should pay attention to in the daily use of acrylic display maintenance, so as to prolong the service life of acrylic display and make sure it's beautiful.
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