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Dongguan acrylic photo frame preferred kay rick

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-07
Photo frame is very commonly used in daily life to decorate display products, acrylic photo frame is also the most economic and practical, take, do not lose the identity of the frame type. Elegant luxury, elegant, practical, and it is also more and more people choose the cause of the acrylic photo frame. Made of acrylic acrylic photo frames are better than glass pervious to light quality, as high as 92%, pictures placed more clear; Also half weight lighter than glass, color variety, a unique beautiful and not costly, put that occupy the home or office can show its unique novel, to friends and relatives will not reduce the class. The acrylic photo frame USES a number of acrylic craft: cutting, magnet, polishing, etc. , style shape can be customized according to customer request design completely, also can print the company logo, welcome to customize our new acrylic photo frame.
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