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Emblem on the back of the production is also very important!

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-25
Everyone in the badge badge design and manufacture, tend to think the badge design badge is positive, positive and put effort in the emblem design is beautiful and fine degrees above, while ignoring the badge on the back of the design. To make a complete badge, especially in high-grade badges, badge on the back of the design are the same important, the perfect on the reverse of the badge with high quality is equally important. Just as a person, even if the front is very beautiful, but the figure is very ugly, also not a beautiful man. Here, let's take a look at several common emblem on the back of some characteristics. 1, in all kinds of badge on the back of the most common offset smooth effect, discharge processing frosted effect, and the effects of three kinds of cloth. 1) Badges back most of them are choose lithography effect, it looks more easy and relaxed; 2) Metal badge on the back of most choose to discharge processing, so there will be a frosted effect, have qualitative feeling looks; 3) Emblem on the back of the lacquer that bake and imitation enamel badges back most select fabric on the back, looks more AoTuGan, the badge also will be match as a whole. 2, in the emblem on the back of the design usually leaves some LOGO or related information. If meets the need of the number, you will be reserved in advance under the corresponding position, and then using the method of making the laser engraving. 3, of course, in the emblem on the back of the design, actually choose what kind of the back, can choose according to your needs and interests. If you are pursuing high quality badge handicraft, crossbow, tourism handicraft is definitely your custom provider of badges, good quality is to maintain the customer's ties, badges and durable to custom. www。 ysgou。 com
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