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Emblem: the difference between imitation gold plating and real gold plating

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-19
Real gold plating with imitation gold plating are also known as real gold plating with imitation gold plating. Among various kinds of badges and MEDALS built is common, often give a person a kind of very has the sense of taste, and the commonly used is real gold plating or imitation gold plating. Because & other; Gold & throughout; Colorful color, metallic simple sense is strong, give a person a kind of very dignified feeling, so greatly improve the appreciation and the commodity value products. Today, we will simply look at the real gold plating and both imitation gold plating process. With the improvement of electroplating technology, now of the imitation gold plating and real gold plating on the surface has a huge difference, effect of the strong metal texture, golden luster but also highlight its noble quality. First look at what is real gold plating? As the name implies, is real gold plating surface of gold plating, which can be divided into 18 k gold plating, 20 k gold, 24 k gold plating, of which 18 k and 24 k with more. Surface treatment can do ChengLiang gold and ( Specular) With the dumb gold ( Gold pearl) The effect. Real gold plated with bright color, strong metal feeling, is not easy to oxidation, color retention time is long, look just like golden noble, but real gold plating cost than the high many imitation plating, the cost is concerned, can choose the imitation gold plating. What is imitation gold plating? Imitation gold plating using approximate not of gold but real gold color, now commonly used imitation gold plating layer is more based on the brass plating solution, in the majority with 18 k gold color, this is a binary alloy, copper zinc consumers generally prefer this kind of color, the most common in the imitation gold plating. Some metal elements to add a third to change color appearance. Imitation gold plating for alloy plating the copper zinc alloy, and to join the third metal elements for tin. Imitation gold plating surface treatment can also do ChengLiang gold and ( Specular) With the dumb gold ( Gold pearl) The effect. Gold-like color approximation of gold, colour is pleasing to the eye of the golden appearance often makes a person feel gorgeous, now in many areas have adopted the imitation gold plating process, it not only improve the look of a product, and greatly improve the commodity value. The difference between the real gold plating and imitation gold plating in terms of quality, the simple sense of gold plating to be stronger, especially metallic simple sense, although imitation gold plating on the color can be done very close to, but you'll feel more or less fine distinguishes the plastic, the metallic simple sense is relatively less. From the durability of gold plating is not easy to be oxidized, save for a long time, high-grade badge production or MEDALS, often use real gold plating process, and compared with the real gold plating imitation gold plating, is more susceptible to oxidation, retention time is relatively short. In addition, the cost of real gold plating than high many imitation plating, so more care about the price, and to achieve the basic real gold plating effect, imitation gold plating will be the best choice. Crossbow crafts professional real gold plating badge production, plating of gold MEDALS, please let us know if you have any demand, crossbow Po handicraft can meet your various needs. 86 - 579 - 85596776
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