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Environmental protection gift and prospect in the future

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-11
This year's exposition on elimination, decorative gift pavilion a high popularity. Decorative gift industry in zhejiang province light industry growing fast in recent years the backbone industries, and soon appeared a batch of regional characteristics of industry cluster and large-scale professional market. The author found that & other; Made in China & throughout; Is from a very broad design ideas and marketing strategies towards the world. In this year's exhibition site, the author personally witness the vitality of the industry fresh and good prospects for development. “ I'm not a plastic bag & throughout; As this year June & other issued by the state; Plastic limit & throughout; In the domestic implementation of the environmental protection consciousness of people by leaps and bounds, different styles of environmental protection bags are popular on the market. The fair is no exception, the audience in decorate gifts can be seen everywhere all kinds of shape environmental protection bags. When after dalian RongZhen technology development co. , LTD. Booth, the author found a kind of environmental protection bags called nano environmental protection bag. Booths Du Shanwen manager told me that the use of nano material environmental protection bag has the characteristics of waterproof, prevent oil, anti-fouling, very practical. I tried it pour water on the environmental protection bags, indeed a waterproof effect of lotus leaf is present. White bag surface with a word of English, and other 我 米不再生障碍性袋” , i. e. , & other; I'm not a plastic bag & throughout; , the English impressively shows that the manufacturer to consumer advocate people currently phasing out plastic bags, and started to use more environmentally friendly nano bag determination. Du manager also said that the technology, there are few domestic use and company is just started to do the nano bag industry, and the emergence of such products, domestic as well as the daily consumption of environmental protection bag industry prospects. Advocate environmental protection paper woven bag jia, jia handicraft co. , LTD. , zhejiang province, sales staff is Mr. Jiang and businessman talks about the product exported to Japan. In the pipeline, the author found that customers for the product material of environmental protection, appearance design is very interested in sex, Mr Jiang paper woven bag and eat mat hand knitting handicraft of environmental protection and design aspects, such as the explanation one by one. According to understand, good good is a company specializing in the production of paper products of the enterprise, the production of major products have complete knitting process of paper color and specifications variety of spinning, papyrus, borders and all sorts of design, BaoXinCao, paper lala grass format collocation of monofilament fabrics, 5 minutes of grass cloth, lala grass cloth and bags, caps, etc. Products are exported to Europe, America and southeast Asia and other countries and regions, have higher market share in China. And in this year's expo elimination, good good beautiful and delicate paper bag and the eat mat by the attention of many viewers and merchants. Root carving, foreigners are also very interested in the expo, the root carving handicraft as usual to the attention of audience and customers. Mr Huang from fujian jianou feng le craft factory told me, though still a lot to see customers, but immediately deal order still not ideal. The root carving handicraft is mainly geared to the needs of individual consumers or large domestic enterprises, root carving exquisite workmanship, root carving, material selection are customers has always been the most concerned about. At the same time, to show also often attract foreign customers to visit, when foreigners generally to traditional characters in historical story sculpture, The most common image of guan gong, for example) Are interested in. Helpless, big root carving handicraft in export is still difficult, many international wood products safety inspection standard for the root carving handicraft manufacturers are very headache. Christmas gift is still in a Hong Kong businessman with hengtai crafts gifts co. , LTD. , marketers miss wang said talks, & other; I don't want to the mall to buy in Hong Kong, I want to deal directly with you & throughout; 。 Miss wang told me that hengtai products sell well, also has its own design team, products are exported to Europe and the United States and other countries and regions, domestic major exhibitions will they will go to, have been very good. The expo, hengtai only brought the kind of Christmas ball ornaments to exhibitors, booth was packed with various sections of the products. At the same time, the author learned from miss wang, in hengtai local factories, production of Christmas gifts enterprises a lot, but the similar competition is avoided as far as possible, because everyone's market division of labor is very clear, the dislocation is subdivided market, strategy of collective open up an outlet. Christmas gifts home industry foreground is very good, even if exports nearly two years some bad environment, but foreign customers can still understand the domestic manufacturers have difficult. As long as the product is customer need, that is not afraid of the market will shrink problem.
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