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Exercise is a double-edged sword, is your exercise science?

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-11
Humans are animals that walk upright, so they are destined to be the king of long-distance running.   In 490 BC, according to legend, the Greeks and Persians fought a war in the Greek town of Marathon, and the Greeks won. In order to send the news of victory to Athens, a soldier named Philippis was sent to run from the marathon to Athens, the whole course of 42.195km. He was exhausted when he arrived at his destination, and died after reporting the victory. The marathon race was born.   That young man would not have imagined that today after the sun and the moon turn, the marathon will suddenly trigger a frenzy in the mysterious eastern land. According to the official website of the Chinese Athletic Association, there were 1,581 marathons in 2018. Three years ago, there were only more than 100 marathon events.  The marathon movement is developing in a 'blowout' style. Now, ‘horse racing’ has formed a trend in our life circle, and a group of people can be driven by one person running. In order to participate in this activity, many people will take time to run at night and exercise. The domestic competition has changed from a dozen games to hundreds of games every year, and there have been cases of sudden death in marathons.   Here we have to mention a word 'sudden sports death'. According to statistics from the British media, the probability of sudden death in a marathon is 0.8 per 100,000 people. What is sudden exercise death?  According to the medical field's definition of sudden death and the occurrence of sudden exercise-related death, it is currently generally defined as: non-traumatic accidental death during exercise or within 24 hours after exercise.  Sudden exercise-induced death is a kind of exercise-related disease, in which a person has related symptoms during or immediately after exercise, and eventually a non-traumatic death occurs. Sudden cardiac death is the main manifestation of sudden exercise-induced death, such as myocarditis, congenital coronary artery malformations, and myocardial hypertrophy. What are the causes of sudden exercise death? Most of the direct factors of sudden marathon death are 'sudden cardiac death.' Sudden cardiac death caused by arrhythmia accounted for the vast majority. The representative of the arrhythmia that causes death is 'cardiac arrest'.   Some people with fine ventricular movement have 'organic heart diseaseSome words are 'myocardial infarctionRegardless of whether there is an organic heart disease, as long as you fall into an arrhythmia like ventricular fibrillation, the heart is not beating, but vibrating. The heart is close to a stopped state. If left alone, it will stop beating altogether and cause death. Structural heart problems such as Marfan syndrome, myocardial hypertrophy, coronary artery malformations, myocarditis, and heart valve insufficiency can all cause 'sudden cardiac arrest' and lead to sudden death. Other indirect factors     In addition to these structural problems in the heart and brain, there are some indirect factors that lead to sudden exercise death. For example, after catching a cold or fever, some people think that running, sweating, and catching a cold are natural. In fact, the opposite is true. A cold and fever will reduce the body’s immunity, exercise will further accelerate the decline in immunity, and viruses will easily invade. Myocardium, viral myocarditis will form.   This is why the marathon will specifically ask the participating players to explain if they have a cold the week before the race.   There are also participants who have not undergone systematic training, or who have been trained but have not run a marathon for a period of time, and suddenly sign up to participate in the competition, and they will also suffer from an overwhelmed heart and stop beating, causing sudden death. In addition, taking drugs (stimulants), ignoring preparation activities, tidying up activities, emotional tension, excessive excitement, etc. can also cause sudden sports death.
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