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For you to sort out the most detailed acrylic product ordering/production process

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-18
For new acrylic industry purchasing or salesman, acrylic product ordering and production process must be made sure that Noble today allow for the new acrylic products procurement staff and acrylic industry salesman made a detailed order acrylic products and production processes. 1, head of communication with the customers, maintaining customers understand customer to processing the size of the acrylic products, material requirements ( Domestic or imported acrylic) , color, quantity, whether to screen printing, packaging, Whether to need to customize the cartons and wooden frame) , delivery time, etc. 2, according to customer demand for acrylic products, head of business establish archives for customer company information and product information sent to the list of graphic design and production process, the need to use the acrylic material, size, quantity and production process are listed in the list, convenient financial accounting cost and later production proofing. 3, the design confirmation process list to business director, such as have not clear place, business for the first time to communicate with customers ( Note: sometimes the customer is not in the computer, easy to leave your phone number) 。 Conform to the requirements of the customers, sign, head of the business in the process list; Do not conform to the requirements of the customers, design to modify the list. 4, plan to communicate with production manufacture acrylic products need working hours, warehouse to verify whether the thickness of the product requirements and color Aleck board stock. 5, plans to produce need feedback to finance, finance and production man-hour cost calculation according to the process list. ( Note: sometimes more financial things, it is according to the order processing, offer for a long time, please forgive me! ) 6, plan according to the existing production order delivery reply service delivery and customer requirements, head according to each department information summary, immediately reply to the customer quotation and production cycle. 7, quotation and delivery after the customer agrees to, business contract, (signature and seal of both parties. Note: if the customer to the terms of the contract, the problem is put forward, both sides talks things over until no objection) 。 Eight, after the contract signed back, customers make a down payment to our designated bank account, waiting for finance to verify whether to account. ( Note: the company's rules, in order to deposit, start calculating production cycle time; Received the deposit, shall not arrange production, whether the client money in a timely manner to product can finish) The order to 9, business plan, arrange production plan according to confirmed delivery date ( Note: if the midway in special circumstances, such as customer's requirement in advance of delivery or production midway, business negotiation with our customer the first time processing) 10 samples, product quality inspection qualified, can take pictures to the customer to confirm first, to customers, follow up with the balance payment to arrange shipment. 11, if satisfied after customer received the sample, place an order to our production; If there are any changes, modified or proofing again, until customer satisfaction. 12 and after-sales.
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