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From Rio DE janeiro Olympic MEDALS is the rust of introduction to the importance of custom MEDALS maintenance!

by:Noble Awards     2020-11-27
Although Brazil Rio Olympics is over nine months, but a pile of embarrassing to arrive & ndash; — Hundreds of Olympic medal was quite rust! The daily mail reported Saturday, bocog spokesman Mario & middot; Adela confirmed, at least 130 MEDALS were return due to rust or appear black spots. Adela, told Reuters, these problems are mostly bronze MEDALS, including the paralympic MEDALS. And he said, & other; The most common problem is a medal because of the drop impact or be careless disposal, lead to light paint falls off, injury so rust or black & throughout; ,“ With a second, about 10, extreme cold weather cause loss situation & throughout; 。 At present, the medal manufacturer mint in Brazil are to repair problems MEDALS. , according to adela of MEDALS since October last year showed the problem, but he believes the problems & other; Completely normal & throughout; , claiming that the Brazilian mint to repair any defects and then returned to their owners. The daily mail said that Brazil has made the 2488 MEDALS for Rio Olympics, paralympics is hundreds of gold MEDALS. All the MEDALS, gold gold content not less than 6 g, composition of at least 92. 5% of silver. The manufacture of silver and bronze is used as much as 30% of the recycled materials. Custom MEDALS how to maintain? One, should not touch. Often touch, MEDALS will leave HanJi and other material surface, easy to cause oxidation. Take your MEDALS should wear gloves, clean soft cloth or use tweezers to clip a medal. Second, unfavorable put medal for a long time in the air does not flow. Otherwise, under the humid weather, water on the surface of the MEDALS is hard to play, prone to oxidation. Three, avoid contact with wet or harmful gas pollution, the south's rainy season, the hot weather, the foul environment, such as kitchen, etc. , are easy to form corrosion. Four, can use the sheath will MEDALS individually packed seal, and then put it in the iron in the biscuit tin and cover, inside put a desiccant. Five, the MEDALS should be single packing ( Blank bags or 0 pp since the sticky tape, also can choose high-grade packaging) , save alone. Six, for oxidation of MEDALS, cloth can be added a small amount of toothpaste, gently scrub, after removing the oxide layer, had collected in the sealed container. High quality custom MEDALS and manufacturers choose crossbow, arts and crafts!
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