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From the Angle of health and beauty, lead-free crystal trophy has its incomparable a bit

by:Noble Awards     2020-09-05
Colored glass trophies are currently on the market have all kinds of glass material, consisting of common glass material has soda-lime glass, lead crystal glass, also has high borosilicate glass, different materials of steel and the characteristics of each are not identical, for example, now more popular lead-free crystal trophy, why lead-free obsidian so popular? Apart from commodity itself high refractive index, crunchy noises, lead-free and leaded glass mutatis mutandis, exactly where the advantages of it? Today crystal cup manufacturers network built simple discussion together with your guys. 【 Leaded glass hardness low 】 The first to lead the strength of the toughened is relatively low, easily in the surface scratch and abrasion. Because lead crystal toughened about defects, lead-free crystal toughened called leaded crystal toughened replace goods, choose the barium oxide zinc oxide instead of lead oxide, with potassium calcium crystal temperature, barium crystalline toughened and type of mixing and mass toughened, potassium calcium crystal system toughened silica in the moisture content is higher, the molten response is more difficult. 【 Lead is toxic 】 Lead is harmful, as everybody knows, if the human body contains too much lead, will damage the hair of a child's IQ huang, lead dust in the mixing materials, melting process, the evaporation of lead can lead to use a worker lead poisoning, and lead crystal glass fiber reinforced plastic products application, very is applied for water, wine, kitchen utensils and appliances, the process of dissolution of lead harm to the body, lead oxide has become the European Community discontinuation of glass composition, to replace the steel to lead-free crystal. 【 Lead more easily weathered, affects the color 】 Lead crystal toughened in split after producing the film of limestone in the air, especially in is two potassium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide is higher, poor reliability in biology of lead crystal toughened easier to produce, with sulfur dioxide sulfur trioxide in the air when PbS, show dark color, smoothness and reduces. Described by guys can also see the advantages of lead-free glass for glass with lead and lead-free glass strength more ascension, smoothness and better, and also not easy to do too much damage to the body, so if sure to pick a goblet to accompany you, accompany you, proposed choose lead-free crystal trophy.
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