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General organic glass screen printing screen note which use and maintenance?

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-10
General organic glass screen printing note which use and maintenance system of general good organic glass screen printing must use hair dryer dry after exposure in the sun for a few hours is better; Before using organic glass screen printing, the first thing to check whether in screen printing screen design and font is rinsed clean and clear. If there is some small spots, surrounding the pattern available to repair glue to fill, In debugging process, screen printing screen as far as possible to keep parallel with products bearing frame, scraper and a little bit pressure increase, to ensure that screen printing screen would not be so easy to be creased; Generally in the process of production, with 783 diluent scrub printing screen effect is very good, do not use alcohol to swab screen printing screen, because part of the water is contained in alcohol, with screen printing screen printing screen contact would have the plastic board fall off, fall off some of the smaller font, etc. A good screen printing screen can be normal use several times, if in the process of production, production for less, after completion of the silk screen as soon as possible to tear open come down to clean, at the same time in the midst of cleaning, do not use the knife, you can use some a hard paper. Organic glass screen printing after washing clean, to make sure of screen printing screen design and font to be clean and clear, work with blower again, on the specified location.
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