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Go heart and order - with the emblem of the texture Crossbow, arts and crafts

by:Noble Awards     2020-12-18
Is a 'Chinese arts and crafts, metal badge, it requires a great deal of focus, and patience, little by little colored by hand, even the slightest mistake, all the efforts were on fire. Crossbow, craft master to concentrate on mental concentration, see not seen attentively to, don't cut corners on material process, realize the function of practical function and corrosion resistance of perfect fusion, injected new vitality into the badge order. We may use, concentration and focus on lean manufacturing system after found badge production rate from ninety-two percent to ninety-eight point percent, the percent of pass is improved obviously. Actually, anything that lean is not tall, is the operational management, relevant to our daily operation and management work, to let people understand, just changed a way method, crossbow Po process commemorative MEDALS in psychology, non quality, has the sense of engraving curve also zhang chi, also have a ling to the surface of the LOGO reflects the color of focus, coherent gear seems like diamonds after fine cutting, leaves made metal badge the splendour of spirits, fall in love move turneth the edge of bladder and protean charm, badge MEDALS, can yet be regarded as a classic way to promote culture, millions of fans for his obsession. Competition in the market is big, only refined badge order to lead the market, good product design is to attract people, not only the price will have an advantage, quality is the top of the list. Crossbow bo made badges you deserve: http://www. ysgou。 Com or call: 86 579 - 85596776 thank you. !
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