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Good unit with commemorative badges, choose a crossbow technology for it!

by:Noble Awards     2021-01-26
Double 11, 2014, a treasure turnover of RMB 57. 1 billion, Mr Ma said he didn't make money. November 11, 2015 is a year shopping mardi gras, a cat in transactions: 912. 1. 7 billion yuan, how huge data. The Internet age, only do STH unconventional or unorthodox, extraordinary, crossbow Po process with its own strength to prove: we'll offer you high quality MEDALS MEDALS, are dedicated to our division to proofing, production topped the list of goods for you. Don't have to worry about become similar with others, don't worry about the custom less than your favorite style. As long as you have the idea, with clear design. , crossbow technology help you to implement custom immediately. Appearance of concave and convex have send, can realize many functions of MEDALS MEDALS, COINS, badge, customized to the best of the crossbow bo tourist souvenirs! Sichuan municipal government need to customize a batch of commemorative badges, through search & other; Commemorative COINS custom & throughout; Find us, because is the first time cooperation, number is larger, in terms of choice of material and quality requirement, very strict, this time they, personally to the factory to on-the-spot investigation, the head of the visible client's emphasis on the procurement, crossbow Po process as have their own factories and 33 years more custom experience for many years the old brand, can let the customer satisfaction. Customer keep to November 9, 2015 customers from sichuan to fly to guangzhou, we specially arrange a car to pick up the customer to the factory. ( Digression, the customer said: this is the second time in guangdong, the plane, is the north-south difference in temperature big ah, good heat, side unexpectedly still wear short sleeve shorts, ha ha) , around 2 o 'clock in the afternoon, the customer to our factory inspection, from engraving - - - Laser - - - Die casting & ndash; All gone again, polishing workshop crossbow bo Marina workshop are introduced one by one function for the customer and the elements of the product. Customer said: do metal handicraft factory class usually is not very big, you are my factory visits in large enterprises, staff of technical and quality control is very good, good as a whole, the badge is a powerful custom manufacturers. After a pleasant communication with customers and site watch products, customer on-site clappers determine the cooperation relations, the first custom MEDALS: 5200 PCS, another badge: 600 PCS. Because it is urgent order, delivery time is tight, in combination with the current production situation, responsible for the workshop pressure, but must be unluckily to complete customer orders, this is our promise, also is our foothold. Crossbow technology has been working hard to make metal crafts, constantly updating, crossbow, online procurement consultant will be the solution to your needs, and then according to the information you provide introduce you to a suitable process, give you sweet badge production experience. Crossbow Po process original customer case, reproduced please indicate: http://www. ysgou。 com ( Medallion custom manufacturer) , hotline: 86 - 579 - 85596776.
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