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by:Noble Awards     2021-03-18
As the results of the college entrance examination in various places are released one after another, the hearts of all the students can be said to be ups and downs. In a blink of an eye, it's time to face life choices. The days of hard study together are vivid, and the friendship that used to be classmates may have to go their separate ways. What did you leave behind during the graduation season? There are not only four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter in a year, but also called (Graduation Season). Autumn goes to winter, spring goes to summer solstice. Finally, it came to the summer to say goodbye. Every June is destined to be a month for analysis and parting. The college entrance examination comes as scheduled, followed by the middle school entrance examination, and there will be a fleeting four years of university. Time flies, looking back, the years of studying together are actually memories. It seems that any vocabulary involving youth, new training, and recruits can easily bring us back to that period of struggle. It seems that those figures, scenes, and stories just happened yesterday. At that time, we were still ignorant young people, coming from all over the world and meeting in this strange city. At this moment, we are about to leave our alma mater, go on our own, and start a new journey. Yes, all that is left is friendship except memories. After graduation, after graduation, you are like Ye Chuzhan's sail, and you are about to travel to a wider sea, but you still have the friendship of classmates, so after graduation, how should you commemorate the meeting? It's another year of graduation season, it's hard to say goodbye, don't say goodbye. Nubo joins hands with Friendship to make graduation commemorative medals for every outstanding class, sunny you, and innocent friendship, to pay tribute to youth together, and to engrave the most precious campus time.
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