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Grinding and polishing paste's role in the process of acrylic products polishing

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-17
Polishing is a common method in the manufacturing process of acrylic products, lapping and polishing process need to use cream, then the assistant's role is mainly what? Let's look at. The difference from polishing and grinding polishing can't change the size precision of workpiece, can get rid of the fine lines and acrylic speck, improve surface finish, reducing haze, until bright luster. Added between machined surface polishing in the polishing wheel and polishing paste. Grinding polishing paste is acrylic products one of the key technology in the process of polishing materials, polishing speed, high degree of finish and long life and other advantages, but also can change the polishing quality and operating environment. With rare earth polishing grinding polishing paste acrylic, for example, a minute to complete the work, such as iron oxide polishing paste requires 30 ~ 60 minutes. Rare earth polishing paste due to its unique chemical mechanical action principle of high polishing efficiency, be the first choice of the acrylic products polishing materials. Acrylic products manual polishing, it shall use dip in with polishing paste fine felt or absorbent cotton ball with about 5 ~ 10 n pressure on polished surface, evenly along at a speed of 100 ~ 120 r/min do nearly linear motion processing length direction, usually advance 1 ~ 2 mm per second. Pay attention to don't be too focused on a particular area polishing, in order to avoid local friction overheating and processing sag. Also note polishing paste on the surface of the polishing area shoulds not be too dry, charging lubrication should be paid attention to.
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