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Home what place is res acrylic products?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-29
Types of acrylic products is various, can meet various needs in people's lives. But everything is not perfect, acrylic is not exceptional also, so the family to use acrylic in some special cases, is not suitable for the use of acrylic products. Acrylic has good transparency, but is generally dirty can affect beautiful, so we suggest that the kitchen and table where the easiest way to contact the stains are not suitable for use of acrylic products. Once got can solve, twice, three times. 。 。 。 Even if again good material also can't afford to do so, use detergent and acrylic resin will happen slight chemical reaction, may not be obvious change once or twice. But more on the gloss and transparency can make a big change. Second, acrylic products by adding some resin composition has certain compressive capacity, but the essence is not as solid wood, so we suggest the visitors, bedding is not suitable for use of acrylic.
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