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How is the text on the surface of the medal made up?

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-28
The types of medals are generally: wooden medals, crystal medals, resin medals, alloy medals, precious metal medals, etc. These medals have a common feature. They have fonts on the surface, which are used to praise individuals or groups. The difference is that the fonts of each medal are made with different techniques. Let’s introduce them below: 1. Resin medals , Basically, the text is pasted with gold leaf. This process basically needs to be done by hand. 2. The crystal medals are engraved with text through color printing, internal engraving, sandblasting and other processes. The main step is to scan the pattern with ink, perform detailed polishing and edge grinding, and then perform internal carving, and then perform sandblasting. 3. The wooden medals are finished by oxidizing and corroding, and they are also engraved organically at present. 4. There are currently two methods for alloy medals. The first is screen printing; the second is laser engraving. 5. Precious metal medals are generally made of gold, silver, copper and other materials. They are high-end medals and are basically laser-engraved. With the development of science and technology, more and more high-tech is also applied to medals, slowly those complicated processes will be eliminated, but the final medals are getting more and more beautiful!
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