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How many people in our country can finish the half marathon?

by:Noble Awards     2021-03-20
The marathon has developed rapidly in recent years. The planning, organization, publicity, and arrangements before, during and after the race have been greatly improved, and it has also attracted many sports enthusiasts to participate! And each time it can be as few as several thousand, and large-scale competitions have tens of thousands of people participating, and most of them can finish the competition. The half marathon is 21.0975 kilometers, and most of the participants who sign up for the half marathon also have a certain sports foundation and will practice from time to time. After all, this is not a joke!   there is the most important point! In fact, people who participate in the competition are to experience on the one hand, but also to challenge themselves! Now that the self-media is so developed, there are also dedicated photographers in the competition to take pictures of the competition, plus the medals after reaching the finish line, and the subsequent certificate of completion. These can be said to be a good social capital! It is also what people need!
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