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How much is the price of acrylic photo frame?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-08
Acrylic photo frame is more popular in recent years, so how much does it cost to custom acrylic photo frame? What's the advantage of acrylic and ordinary photo frame? How much does one, acrylic photo frame customization? 1, acrylic material photo frame is very popular at present, the number of acrylic photo frame on the market is very large, so the price variety is diverse, the price range of each different, price difference is big, common to the market price of the acrylic photo frame is about 10 to 50 yuan about; 2, acrylic photo frame this product there is no support by big brands, but there are still high price of acrylic photo frame, acrylic photo frames as export price is in 200 yuan about extensively, and some bigger size, design nice photo frame product prices also have to hundreds of yuan; What are the advantages 1 second, acrylic photo frame than the ordinary, good oxidation resistance, easy to raw material of acrylic material strong antioxidant capacity, both experienced wind and rain and won't be destroyed or change color, can according to their own personal interests to the different color, material color will not be limited, also more easily in the raw material, can be in the high temperature of 180 ℃ to soften, shaping, when the temperature heating to room temperature to finalize the design. 2, lightweight, non-friable acrylic with common glass picture frames than would be more light, and from lower fell on the floor is not more fragile, also won't burn excess material during production, the frame of high yield, and easier to retain, price is much higher than ordinary photo frame. 3 light transmittance, good, strong resistance to acrylic photo frame will pervious to light quality is better than wood, not only need to present crystal translucent crystal effect, can also be dustproof, easy to clean, resistance of acrylic hit, even if broken will not produce a wide range of debris, acrylic material density is smaller than the glass, the quality is also much lighter. Acrylic photo frame purchasing said simple and simple, also said that difficult difficult, material, technology, price and so on all need, the best solution is chosen for acrylic producers, good let you easier then make chamber of commerce. Noble allow display, 20 years focused on high-end custom acrylic manufacturer, quality, famous in the world, choose Noble allow you one hundred rest assured.
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