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How organic glass screen printing? Scratched easily?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-20
Organic glass screen printing basic principle is: the use of screen plate enriching part of the mesh printing ink, the graphic part of the mesh is not through the basic principle of ink to print. When printing on silk screen printing blocks into the ink, scrape printing scraper ink on silk screen printing plate parts a certain pressure, at the same time the screen plate at the other end even translation. Ink scraper in translation from the graphic part of the mesh extrusion on organic glass products. Due to the effect of viscosity of the ink and make the imprinting fixation in a certain area, in the process of the printing scraper always contact with silk screen printing plate and organic glass, contact wire with the scraper and movement, because the screen plate and keep some space between the organic glass plate, printing of silk screen printing plate through their tension, resulting in a reaction of scraper, the reaction is called elastic back. Due to back to the effect of elastic mesh plate with organic glass into mobile line contact, only rest and silk screen printing plate and organic glass plate in the off state. Made with silk screen printing ink fracture movement, to ensure that the printing size precision and avoid dirty organic glass products. When after scraper scrape the whole layout is raised, screen plate should be raised at the same time, and the light ink scraping back to initial position. Some people asked often, organic glass products on the logo printing is not easy to fall, small make up today to tell you after printing patterns and text is not easy to fall, daily use is completely no problem, unless you with sharp objects to blow it.
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