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How simple select quality of acrylic products?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-28
As acrylic products more and more popular among the majority of merchants and consumers, market filled with the price and quality of acrylic products, but many businesses and consumers do not know how to choose a high quality of acrylic products, in order to avoid people spent money to buy back a pile of garbage, Noble allow show as a professional acrylic products factory, the following is to introduce some simple selection method: 1, the transmission of light of the kanban: good acrylic products should have good pervious to light quality, light transmittance can reach 92%, good quality of acrylic products should have good pervious to light quality and transparency, board face is cloudy, meng is certainly not classy article. 2, the color of kanban mouth: the plate mouth (production of acrylic products imported raw materials Edge) Should be transparent, if yellow hair, discoloration, meng is certainly a defective goods, plate mouth too yellow color that should be recycled material production. 3, board face feel is: through touch acrylic products, if the acrylic products surface smooth, fruity, exquisite, feel is good, and not easy to left finger mark is on, etc. 4, listen to the voice: if the voice is not clear when tap on a surface of acrylic products or edges more depressing is genuine, on the other hand if the tapping sound is ringing may be PS material as acrylic products. 5, try carrying capacity: a good stability and bearing capacity of acrylic products sure is better, within the scope of the standard load, random items should not occur deformation or distortion. As long as the checking method can choose according to the above points to the high quality of acrylic products, finally remembered a & other; A penny a points goods & throughout; Don't cry because it is cheap and bought a bunch of inferior garbage back, no business can do business at a loss. If there is doubt, you can inquire our Noble allow acrylic products, customer service, service hotline: 4008 - 959 - 252.
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