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So, you’ve browsed our collection of plaques and awards and found the perfect one to customize. Now it’s time to figure out just how you’re going to present these custom glass trophy and awards.

Acknowledging someone (or multiple someones) with an award is a special gesture. It should be celebrated as such with a planned event or ceremony. Whether the occasion is a fancy affair or an intimate get-together, it should be organized and thought out. But unless you’ve done it before, planning how to present the custom trophy awards to someone can be a daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be all that scary or stressful.

Follow our easy tips for how to present an award and you’ll be calm, cool and collected all ceremony long, right up until the final round of applause.

1. Schedule a Time in Advance to Present the Award

Whether your awards ceremony is honoring one person or 50, you need to prepare well enough in advance so that potential or already announced recipients can attend to accept their plaques.

It’s a nice gesture to try to include as many people as possible for the event. Whether you allow award recipients to invite their own guests or you invite their loved ones as a surprise, it will mean a lot to any honoree. Having friends, family, team members or fellow employees at the event for support is a nice, caring touch and will make the award winner feel that much more special.

2. Write a Short Award Presentation Speech and Practice

Take some time to really consider the person or people that you’re honoring. Write down what you want to say, keeping it brief and enthusiastic. Make sure to include the reason each person is receiving the glass plaque award and explain what it represents.

Then, when your speech or notes are complete, practice…and practice some more. Present it to family and friends to get their reactions and opinions. Allow yourself enough time to make any needed changes or rewrites. You can even film yourself to assess your speech and polish any potentially rough edges.

3. Designate Someone to Take Pictures

This one is extremely important. Make sure to designate a reliable person to take pictures of the award recipient(s) as they accept their award(s). It’s a nice gesture to make sure your honorees have photographs to remember the occasion. It also allows the recipient's friends and family to relax and fully support them as they receive their awards, rather than fumbling with a camera during the excitement and missing the moment.

By taking photographs, you or the honoree(s) can share the ceremony with those who may not have been able to attend, or you can even include the photos in a newsletter, the local newspaper or an email.

4. Invite the Recipient to Stand Next to You When Making the Presentation

No matter who is being honored, if you’re handing out sports plaques or professional awards, you should invite each recipient to stand next to you when you make your presentation. This detail allows the honoree to feel even more special on their big day.

5. Shake Their Hand or Give Them a Hug

Make sure to end the award presentation with a handshake or hug with each recipient. It’s one final acknowledgement of their accomplishments and a nice way to show that they’re appreciated within the office, team or community.

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