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How to design the layout for analysis of cosmetics display shelf

by:Noble Awards     2020-07-12
Acrylic cosmetic display rack material of choice is, use it made cosmetic display rack can reveal more exquisite high-end cosmetics, and this kind of display design which has a lot of knowledge, because it is primarily used to attract customers, if the design layout is not good, it will be difficult to attract the eyes of the customer, more can't satisfy the customer's desire. Let's get together to learn about its design key points. 1 layout, store goods, the door along the street as far as possible with seasonal goods, bargain, sell goods, the eye-catching posters with colour, with sales promotion can show the advantage, in order to attract customers. 2, the channel, cosmetics display shelf, the use of the lower than the body height setting, the display and as often as possible, to make the customer can naturally move around inside the store. 3, in the atmosphere to pay much attention to the store goods, accessories and other color collocation, through promotional cosmetic display rack and rich color combination use, effectively build the atmosphere stores, attract customers in order to prolong the staying time of customers in the store, and leave the longer, clinch a deal the greater the opportunity. 4, should use the window Settings, more in store for pedestrians can from the outside can clearly see the customers are testing cosmetics choose shopping scene, with this kind of window effect, mainly is the pedestrians in order to attract more attention. 5, in display on the attention to the use of the store space, with the help of background in the store to the customer subject to the goods full of beautiful things in eyes. Layout if you are in accordance with the above method coupled with our Noble allow company's elegant display shelf, I believe that will make your cosmetics show the effect of get twice the result with half the effort.
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