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How to distinguish between organic glass cup quality?

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-22
Organic glass is also called an acrylic. It has high transparency, chemical stability, easy to machining, etc, so more and more popular, and is now commonly used to make the material of organic glass trophies. However, organic glass cup is good or bad, good organic glass can make high quality organic glass cup, beautiful and practical, and inferior organic glass cup. So how to distinguish the organic glass cup quality? 1, bad quality of organic glass cup is very fragile, on board with the hand, can hear the ringing sound. Insolation the wind after the rain in the outdoor plate color will be yellow, if the use of ink is also a substandard goods, so the color will fade. Without the original luster. Such organic glass plate made of organic glass trophies, looking at will be very old. Thickness of 2, organic glass cup, some customers require very accurate, high quality material of tolerance will be small, on the other hand, inferior material tolerance is bigger, often will thin a lot. 3, the difference between organic glass cup material, the method of fire to burn material are available, and a good organic glass material will not burn easily, and bad material will burn up soon.
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