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How to get rid of acrylic products on the adhesive?

by:Noble Awards     2020-05-29
Do you sometimes pain there will be stickers on some acrylic products, and can't come down, very affect beautiful, today small make up teach you here several quick and easy method for organic glass box traces on the surface of the adhesive, we can use oil free of besmear nail polish remover in organic glass surface, and then with a soft cloth to wipe gently; Use industrial alcohol or gasoline can remove the marks. If these stickers to skin, and can also use a lemon juice to remove. In addition, the hand cream to remove organic glass products, acrylic products surface adhesive effect, hand cream contains a lot of water, In more than 70%) , the water contains a certain amount of surfactant. Surfactant has good wetting, penetration, dissolving ability, can quickly permeate between adhesive and organic glass surface, thus achieve the purpose of clearing. You can also find some similar products, such as creams, lotions, washing spirit also has the same effect.
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