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How to order your badge right

by:Noble Awards     2021-04-23
Teach you how to choose, the badge of a custom fit. Mainly considering to choose from the following six aspects: 1, the choice of materials: copper ( The recommended) , stainless steel, iron, The price is low, but not easy to rust, etc. ,) is recommended for the Such as metal materials. 2, technology choice: imitation cloisonne ( Recommend, beautiful appearance, material is copper, the lacquer that bake, Beautiful, affordable, recommend, material is copper or iron) , bite version, printing, To a small and complex graphics have a gradient, can only use offset printing plate printing, but if the quantity is less, plate making cost will be high) Can add glue drops on the surface of plastic transparent protection tree. 3, badge accessories: default badge accessories for horse needle and the hook, etc. 4, badge plating surface effect choice: according to the drawings, can be gold-plated, silver, bronze, etc. , the surface can be sanded, matte effect, such as additional layer of protection and resin. Five, badges price: badge prices largely by badge material, craft and quantity decision, if the budget, please select copper badge, please choose cheaper iron badges. 6, badges design: the more complex graphics, color, the more the price will be higher, and a lot of draft badge of effect in the actual badge production could not be achieved.
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