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How to transport acrylic display rack?

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-20
Acrylic material show has a lot of wood, metal, displays irreplaceable advantages, such as processing method, qualitative light, a variety of appearance shows good color, and so on. Many clients are interested to for product customization with acrylic display rack, but often neglect the transport elements. Compared with other material, acrylic is relatively fragile, particularly in the mainly road transport, domestic transport of the turbulence and handling of violent remove damaged are likely to form display. At home, common is truck transport. Acrylic display manufacturing complete, we will contact the shipping company send the goods to the customer designated locations, sometimes face some easily in case of damage in the delivery of exhibition stand, we will be shipped to the customer put forward their own solutions. Exported to foreign countries, the nature is sea and air. Compared the two trucks bring are secure, compared air fast but the price is higher, the shipping is slow, but the price is lower, acrylic is not afraid of wet air, but didn't crash. Although we have consider when packaging to delivery in May face all kinds of situation, but the imperfection, or there will be some damage. So common practice is that each shipment to the customer delivery a few reveal frame, this is the loss to compensate for the journey, don't let the customer received the goods complaints and compensation.
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