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In the heart of every man has a belongs to own trophy

by:Noble Awards     2020-08-19
In the heart of every man has a belongs to own trophy everyone's heart has belongs to own dream, but most people think their dream is just a dream, it's unreal to think about and, so will it deeply buried in the bottom of my heart, don't even give the opportunity to break it, so, how can dream on flowery fragrance of the flowers? As is known to all. Deng yaping loves to play table tennis since I was a child, she dreamed of one day to play a prominent role in the world. But because of short stature, hand stubby legs and was shut out of in the national team. But she is not discouraged, but into the power, the failure to practice skills, persistent effort finally speed up the dream of flower bud & ndash; — The world champion podium she get it. In her career, she won a total of 18 world cups. Deng yaping outstanding achievement, not only brought her great success, also brought great honor for the country. Before liu xiang, who would have thought that a yellow man one day on the 110 m hurdles champion podium? On August 27, 2004, the Athens Olympic Games men's 110 m hurdles final, liu xiang to 12 seconds 91, broke the record of achievements, won the gold medal, created the miracle and myth! Is a champion of their effort and persistence to dream in the heart break. Awarded prizes before, they are all excited tears. You do not think that they are now very glorious and brilliant. How many people know how much sweat shed behind them, national anthem played in the global Chinese heart again and again. All the Chinese people in the proud, all the Chinese people proud! When they stand on the podium, accepted the cup and flowers, I can't help but wonder if they champion pay the ordinary people can't imagine the pain, they also is his title, they are the heroes of the people. In fact, everyone can become a champion, become its champion, as the saying goes: & other; A sweat, a harvest & throughout; 。 Each person's champions are not made in vain, when your dream come true, you are a champion. When you do a thing, you can from the heart say & other; I tried my best! ” You are the champions, too. Chasing dreams, can try their best, you will like the Olympic champion, standing on the podium to receive their own trophy, do their own championship.
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