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Instructions on the production process of rose gold medals

by:Noble Awards     2021-04-18
When I first came into contact with rose gold when it was the sixth generation of the iphone mobile phone, rose gold was once popular. Rose gold craftsmanship has existed for a long time, but it has never been known to the public. However, with the introduction of Apple mobile phones, the public has a new understanding of rose gold. Because rose gold has a very fashionable and beautiful pink rose color, and is deeply loved by female compatriots, it is widely used in crafts and jewelry processing. Not only that, but rose gold was once used in the medal making process. The medals made are not only visually beautiful, but also the colors are particularly bright, which makes the grade of the medals have risen to a very large level! Traditional medals are plated with gold, silver, and copper in electroplating processes. When the rose gold color medals appear, it completely changes people's aesthetics in a different way. So far, the electroplating process of rose gold has been very stable, and the operation is simple, not only that, but also the color of rose gold can be adjusted according to customer requirements.
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