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Internet articles: graduated from tsinghua university 50th anniversary commemorative medallion is made starting!

by:Noble Awards     2020-10-25
On April 29, ahead of the anniversary day, back to school to attend graduation 50 anniversary of the 1967 session of self-control is seven senior, by the party secretary Chen personally wear on the first issue of tsinghua & other; Graduated from tsinghua university 50th anniversary commemorative medallion is made & throughout; 。 The national labor model, since 7 class Gu Lianggui senior become & other The 50th anniversary of graduation mementoes & throughout; The first person. The senior said with a smile: & other; Really very happy! The significance of this commemorative medallion, means that our school approved by & lsquo; For our country health to work fifty years & rsquo; 。 It follows that we will continue to work hard! ” “ 50 years & throughout; For tsinghua people has a special significance. On November 29, 1957, at the tsinghua university sports cadres, the principal Jiang Naxiang extracting & other; For health work for his country at least fifty years & throughout; Targets and call of tsinghua university, and have extensive influence on the national colleges and universities. For 50 years of tsinghua university graduation, & other; 50 years & throughout; Not only for my heart deep in her Alma mater, but also a fulfilled his promise, lifetime contribution for our country's ambition. Seniors many has sat in the classroom, white-haired, they get back from all over the country and even overseas, some on crutches, some in a wheelchair. Take it as a time stamp MEDALS, some squinting, sat on the light look carefully, carefully, as if returned to the school when the sunshine time; Collect some treasure into close-fitting pocket, walked over to say: & other; Home, a good collection! ” From chongqing party XiaoGuangBi senior, red eyes, slowly murmured: & other; Really not easy! The fifty years is not easy to everyone! ” “ Graduated from tsinghua university 50th anniversary commemorative medallion is made & throughout; Subject to crest in combination with Arabic numerals and other shape; 50' Composition, supplemented by ribbon model and text & other; Graduated from tsinghua university 50th anniversary & throughout; 。 Crest is bearing the weight of the humanistic spirit and history of the school, digital & other; 50' Highlights celebrate graduated from tsinghua university 50th anniversary theme. Mark will crest and & other; 0' Isomorphism, crest in the MEDALS visual prominent position, the area of the large proportion, highlight the school crest school motto component and status in the eyes of alumni. The Arabic numeral & other; 5' Homophonic & other; I & throughout; , on behalf of each alumni; “ 0' Homophonic & other; You & throughout; , on behalf of the Alma mater, tsinghua, & other; 5' And & other 0' Tightly clasped, a symbol of closely connected each alumni and the Alma mater. “ 5' The modelling of streamers flying crest, each is a symbol of the alumni heart forever Alma mater, to follow his Alma mater, and make overall modelling more downy. MEDALS streamers choose the banner below to make overall modelling, has the sense of rhythm and joy cheerful atmosphere. Badges with the subject of golden color, response to the golden years already, and embodies the alumni of affection such as Jin Jian Alma mater, emotional experience is long cover is new. Emblem modelling concise moral decency, distinct and clear, strong discrimination, accurately embodies the humanistic spirit of tsinghua and the theme of the 50th anniversary of graduation. Crossbow Po handicraft 33 years accumulation of technology, high quality badges, MEDALS, badges, MEDALS customized professional manufacturers, according to the customer's requirements, the larger limit to meet the customized needs of customers, and combined with industry experience to customer Suggestions for process and price! Choose a crossbow, is to choose rest assured!
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