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Is golf trophy tested before shipment?
Pre-shipment inspection (PSI) is one of the many quality control tests conducted by Noble Awards Co.,ltd. This inspection is based on standard QC testing or on customer request. Based on these criteria and procedures, samples are randomly selected and defects are checked. For us, pre-shipment inspection is an important step in the quality control process and a way to check the quality of the golf trophy before shipment.

Noble Awards is exerting a deep influence in the industry of custom trophy design by single custom trophy. Noble Awards's art glass awards series are created based on unremitting efforts. The whole production of Noble Awards art glass trophy is completed by the combination of sophisticated equipment and professional staff. Its design will cater to the age of recipients. Unlike the traditional bulbs which consume a large amount of power energy, this product features an average 6 times more energy efficient and it can greatly cut the electricity bills by more than 80%. The engraving lettering colors are noticeable against their backdrop.

We have high quality requirements for custom metal lapel pins.
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