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Is it enough to run 10 kilometers every day?

by:Noble Awards     2021-04-29
Chen Penbin is a fisherman in Taizhou, Zhejiang. In 2000, he did more than 438 push-ups to win the championship in one breath, and learned about the energy of the body. He ran out of China from fishermen to the world. Become the first Chinese to appear in the American 'Outdoor' magazine. This extreme marathon star athlete ran 100 marathons in 100 consecutive days in 2015.  Bai Bin, from Sinan County, Guizhou Province. In 2011, he ran 10,000 kilometers of the ancient Silk Road in 150 days, an average of 67 kilometers per day, setting a human running record. He ran from Istanbul back to Xi'an. In 2018, he and Li Zhenyu hit it off and formed a private team (Li Bai Runs the Earth). The 48-year-old Bai Bin ran from the South Pole to the North Pole. Now he has run 377 days with a total mileage of 20,451.42 kilometers, an average of 54 kilometers per day.  Golden Flying Leopard, a famous explorer in Yunnan. Determined to bring the most beautiful countryside in Yunnan to the world, in April 2018, Golden Flying Leopard planned the secret Baima. At the age of 55, he continued to lead a hundred business elites, celebrities, marathon runners and enthusiasts from all over the world for 100 days. Yunnan ran 100 rural marathons. In July, the secret white horse came to a successful conclusion. Lawyer Wu, a private runner, challenged Chen Penbin to succeed in 100 marathons for 100 days in 2015 without a logistics team; Su Dengliang ran more than 3,000 kilometers from Tianjin back to his hometown in Guizhou, running more than 40 kilometers every day; Xie Zhanjun ran alone Finished the 318 National Road and the Long March route of the Red Army; Xiong Xianjun's lap around the Chinese border is also in progress. Is it enough to run 10 kilometers every day?   The person who asked this question must have not continuously ran 10 kilometers, and there is no problem for a normal person to run 10 kilometers a day. Professional runners start at 12 kilometers a day. During the training, they are 20-35 kilometers a day, the amount of running accumulated, and then cooperated with scientific training. Achieve their good grades and career.
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