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Judging from quality, price, delivery cycle badge custom manufacturers

by:Noble Awards     2021-02-04
As there are more and more metal crafts manufacturers, how to choose to suit oneself enterprise with metal badge? What kind of badge is good custom manufacturers? Crossbow badge Po process you think choose custom manufacturer has the following three elements: quality, price, and delivery cycle, why is this three steps first? Under the specific about below. Quality: it is to choose the badge making discriminant factor of the more important. Necessary professional levels and eight heavy metal tester, ensure that all products meet the CPSIA and EN71 - 19 e and sundial heavy metal requirements, even if a manufacturer of raw materials and the STR testing by SGS certificate of quality, the quality must be unqualified, the result can not meet the customer's actual demand, then the low price, customers will not choose such a commemorative COINS customized manufacturer as their partner. Excellent hand worse tide, this is the natural rules, the requirements from the aspects of another metal badge manufacturers should pay attention to the quality of the product. Price: about the price, is a customer when purchasing products more focus on the one hand, there is no current custom metal arts and crafts market, price competition is jumbly, but the overall market is transparent, the purchase price of such as materials, labor costs, management costs, resource use, etc. So for purchasing side, of course, hope that the lower the price, the better, but as a business, only profit going concern, thus badge custom price is too high or too low are worth thinking about, what is called a penny a points goods, the existence is reasonable. Delivery deadline: this is a very important factor, delivery deadline is one of the customers are more worried about, because sometimes some activity or celebration time has determined that won't change, it is necessary to deliver on time, can not have any delay. Crossbow bo badge custom one-off meet all of your demand, value for money, have their own product advantage, let customers fully understand the grade of the products different process, want to customers want, want to customers did not want to, believe that customers will not hesitate to choose us. Trinket custom hotline: 86 - 579 - 85596776's official website: http://www. ysgou。 Com jiangxi headquarters address: dayu county in jiangxi province xinhua industrial park, dongguan factory address: jiang administrative zone under high then town dongguan dongguan marketing address: dongguan city, south city and road wins and square A block of ab unit
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