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Kay rick show professional custom acrylic glasses

by:Noble Awards     2020-06-07
We usually see in the store had two of the most common glasses display equipment and a large ground reveals ark, another is based on customized professional acrylic exhibition by the very nature of the glasses frame. Of course, the kind of store had fine decoration. Then the store had exhibition frame, mainly to guide customers more convenient to find suits own products, and the details here, you have noticed? 1. Violent sunlight makes glasses exhibition stand surface fade, directly affect the durability of exhibition stand, so regardless of what the material manufacture can put in by the window for a long time, especially the room towards the west more to avoid. 2. Glasses frames should be on the premise of keep the glasses independent aesthetic feeling, make through art glasses clever layout, mutual reflect, to achieve the overall artistic effect of beauty. Display method to novel and unique, ingenious to decorate a house when the attention to detail, to attract consumers have a stop. Pay attention to a certain aesthetic principle, beautiful, generous, symmetry, harmonious, can also use some appropriate accessories, etc. , fully using the art way to show the beauty of glasses. 3. In order to attract consumers, facilitate consumers to visit the choose and buy, optical shop should choose some rotation reveal frame, exhibition stand or mesa to guide customers. 4. According to the requirements of the consumer psychology and shopping habits, for the same variety or the same series of glasses display rack should be shown at the same location. Appropriate to the height of the display, easy to consumers watch, glasses visibility and positive visual effect. Glasses exhibition stand put details is not just consider how to attract customers, also considering the layout of the whole store had. According to the store layout, put reasonable display shelf, let a person see bright eye and comfortable, this will make your sales get twice the result with half the effort, do well guide words can be less two, please?
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