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Last year, 5.83 million people ran the marathon in China, and Guangdong people were the most interested

by:Noble Awards     2021-04-30
On the 11th, the China Athletics Association released the '2018 China Marathon Annual Theme Report' in Xiamen, Fujian. The report shows that the scale of China's marathon events continues to increase, the industry-driven effect is beginning to appear, and the influence is further enlarged. The picture shows the 2019 Xiamen Marathon started in Xiamen on January 6th. More than 30,000 runners from 38 countries and regions participated in the race. An average of 4.3 races are played a day. The 'Report' shows that as of the end of 2018, marathons and related sports-scale events (road races with more than 800 people and cross-country races with more than 300 people) had been held in China, totaling 1,581, with an average of 4.3 races being held every day. Among them, 339 events were certified by the China Athletics Association and 1242 were non-certified events. The total number of participants was 5.83 million, of which 1,920,500 were runners at the prefecture and city level, accounting for 32.34% of the total.   In addition, 31 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities, and 285 prefecture-level cities in China have held different forms of marathons, accounting for 85% of the total number of prefecture-level cities. In 2018, the total annual consumption of China's marathon reached 17.8 billion, the total consumption driven by the annual event reached 28.8 billion, and the total annual industrial output reached 74.6 billion, an increase of 7% compared to last year. 'Marathon has played an important role in promoting, enhancing and promoting national fitness, urban tourism consumption, economic growth, city popularity and reputation in all provinces, regions, cities and counties.' Yu Hong, Director of the Track and Field Sports Management Center of the State Sports General Administration of China Chen concluded. Guangdong people’s favorite 'horse racingAccording to the Beijing 'Beijing News' report, the report shows that Zhejiang has the largest number of competitions, and the number of competitions in the eastern coastal area is more than that in the western region; Hangzhou, Suzhou, and Nanjing are among the top three in the number of competitions held; in terms of the geographical distribution of competitions, Guangdong people love 'horse racing' the most, followed by Jiangsu people and Zhejiang people third. In the United States, the average number of participants in a single race is only 461, while in China there are as many as 2,040. The average registration fee for the domestic full marathon in China is 130.05 yuan (RMB, the same below), and the half marathon is 102.05 yuan.  In terms of the gender ratio of runners, male runners accounted for 73.1% in 2018, and female runners accounted for 26.9%. Among them, in the full marathon, the proportion of male runners is even higher, as high as 82.78%. Ceremonies such as the handing of the national flag must be approved by the China Athletics Association. Although the foundation of the Chinese marathon has become increasingly solid, alternative running and rubbing have been repeatedly banned. The development of this sport still faces many difficulties and challenges.   In this regard, the '2019 China Marathon Annual New Deal' was also released at the meeting, which was interpreted by Wang Nan, the vice chairman of the Chinese Athletic Association. She said that the introduction of these new policies was based on the revision of the original marathon management document compilation by the China Athletics Association based on the current development status of the Chinese marathon.   It is reported that the China Athletics Association has further improved the six types of management documents including competition management, racing chronology, international events, operating company management, and club management as planned, and issued marathon organization guidelines and participation guidelines.   It is worth noting that, in response to previous violations such as the passing of the national flag, the New Deal clearly stated that the implementation plan (ceremonial activities) of the event organization must be submitted to the China Athletics Association for approval before implementation. For events that have a serious negative impact due to improper event organization and violations, grade events and featured events will be assessed a vote of rejection, and based on the actual situation, the event operating company will be disqualified for 1 to 5 years of operation, permanent bans, etc. Punishment.
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